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Equity offers services to Investors which allow them to invest or redeem most investments in New Zealand and many in Australia and on many International Markets.

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Equity can assist in buying or selling stocks and shares on NZX, NZAX, ASX and most major exchanges in the World

Unit Trusts

New Zealand and Australia has a wide range of Unit trusts offering investors significant choice. New Zealand and Australia has a wide range of Unit trusts offering investors significant choice. On request from an investor Equity can provide information and data on most Unit Trusts in New Zealand We can also obtain prospectus’s or application forms on request. Note a charge may or may not apply.

Fixed Interest

Equity has access to a wide range of fixed interest products. These include Debentures, Deposits, Unit Trust etc. Equity can provide alternates for many different terms and interest rates. Some offer tax benefits others are simple bank deposits. Note Interest rates change often and Investors should keep up to date with current rates. Prospectus and Investment Statements are available on request


New Zealand has an active tradable bond market (NZDX). Equity can assist in buying or selling of Bonds that are either listed or we can obtain allocations for clients in new Bondvlistings.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help you with your long-term saving for retirement. It's designed to be hassle-free so it's easy to maintain a regular savings pattern.

Precious Metals – Gold & Silver

Equity has access to a wide range of reputable Gold and Silver investment products. These include well known gold and silver coins and bars that are both locally and offshore minted. We can also recommend trusted storage facilities.


General Finance
3 Year Term Deposits - 7.25% p.a.(Fixed)

General Finance, 5.95% - 7.25% First Ranking Secured Term Deposits. CALL US NOW!

[CLOSED] Bond Offer: Infratil Ltd,
10 year unsecured unsubordinated bond



[CLOSED] Bond Offer: Trustpower Ltd, 7 year unsecured unsubordinated fixed-rate


Wellington International Airport Limited (WIA) Unsecured, Unsubordinated Bond
Bond Offer: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (ANZ) 5-year Unsecured unsubordinated fixed rate bonds (CLOSED - 9/2/2023)
EastPack Limited 5-year unsecured, subordinated, fixed rate notes (CLOSED - 12/12/2022) Bank of New Zealand Limited (BNZ) Unsecured, Unsubordinated Medium Term Notes (CLOSED - 18/12/2022)
ASB Bank Limited (ASB) 4-year Unsecured, Unsubordinated, Fixed Rate Note (CLOSED - 9/11/2022)
Auckland International Airport Limited 5.5-year unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate Bond (CLOSED - 27/10/2022)
Bond Offer: Air New Zealand Limited (NZX:AIR) unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate bonds (CLOSED - 20/10/2022)
Contact Energy Limited (CEN) Unsecured, unsubordinated, green bonds (CLOSED - 30/9/2022)
Napier Port Holdings Limited 5.5-year Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate Bond (CLOSED - 16/9/2022)
Westpac New Zealand Limited (NZX:WBC) Subordinated Notes Offer (CLOSED - 8/9/2022)
Manawa Energy Limited (MNW) Unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate bonds (CLOSED - 25/8/2022)
ASB Bank Limited (NZX: ASB) Unsecured unsubordinated medium term notes (CLOSED - 15/7/2022)
Infratil Limited (IFT) 8-year, Unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate re-setting bonds (CLOSED - 2/6/2022)
Genesis Energy Limited 30-year Subordinated Unsecured Green Capital Bond (CLOSED - 1/6/2022)
Channel Infrastructure NZ Limited (NZX: CHI) Unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate bonds (CLOSED 13/5/2022)
Christchurch International Airport Limited 6-year unsecured, senior, fixed rate bonds (CLOSED 12/5/2022)
Mercury NZ Limited (MCY) Unsecured, subordinated, redeemable Capital Bond (CLOSED 5/5/2022)
Precinct Properties 6-year fixed rate secured green bonds (CLOSED - 29/4/2022)
Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG) Unsecured, Subordinated Notes (CLOSED - 25/3/2022)
Southland Building Society 5-year Senior, Unsecured, Fixed Rate Bonds (CLOSED - 11/3/2022)
Investore Property Limited (NZX: IPL) Senior, Secured, Fixed Rate Bonds (CLOSED - 18/2/2022)
Wespac New Zealand Limited 5-year unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate notes (CLOSED - 11/2/2022)
Capital Bond Offer: Mercury Energy 30 Year subordinated unsecured capital bonds - CLOSED
Bond Offer: Vector Ltd, 6 year unsecured unsubordinated fixed-rate
Bond Offer: Trustpower 3.95% 10 Year
IPO Offer: irexchange Limited
New Zealand Refining Company Limited- New Zealand Refining Company Limited .15-year Unsecured, Subordinated Notes
Kiwi Property - 7 year fixed-rate senior secured bond - CLOSED
Auckland International Airport, 6 Years Fixed Rate Bond-CLOSED
Infratil,-4.75% 6 year unsecured unsubordinated Infrastructure Bonds-CLOSED
Summerset Group Holdings Limited- 7 Year Fixed Rate Bond - CLOSED
Turners Automotive Group Limited, 3 Year Fixed Rate Bond - CLOSED
Meridian Energy Limited,7 Year Fixed Rate Bonds. - CLOSED
Are you interested in Social Responsible Investing (SRI)?-CLOSED
Christchurch International Airport - CLOSED - Unsecured Unsubordinated, Fixed Rate Bond Offer
Investore Property Fixed Rate Bond- CLOSED - Senior secured fixed rate 6 year bonds
Goodman Property Trust- Closing on , Fixed rate senior secured retail bonds, 5.5 Years Bond
Infratil Limited Bonds - Closing on 14/6/2017,5.5 year bond offering 5.6% and 8 year bond offering 6.15%
Bank of China - 10/10/20170- Closing on 12/10/2017,2.75 p.a Fixed rate, unsecured unsubordinated, Notes
Vector Capital Bonds - 2/6/2017 - Vector Notes closes on the 2nd of June offering 5.7%.
Oceania Healthcare IPO - 28/4/2017 - Listed on the 5th of May 2017, at 79 cents.
Wellington International Airport - 14/2/2017 - Closing on the 14th of Feb, a 10 year secured bond with a fixed interest rate of 5%.
Cooks Global Foods - 16/12/2016 - Closed on the 16th of Dec, a 3 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 9.00%. ASB Bank Notes 2 - 25/11/2016 - 10 year Unsecured Convertible Notes at an interest rate of 5.25%
Air New Zealand Fixed Rate Bonds - 20/10/2016 - A 6 year fixed bond with an interest rate of 4.25%
Z Energy - 28/10/2016 - Closed, A 5 and 7 year secured bond with a fixed interest rate of 4.01% and 4.32%.
Trustpower Limited - 21/10/2016 - A 6 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.01%.
Turners Limited - 23/09/2016 - Turners Limited, Closed on the 9th of Sept, a 2 year secured bond a fixed interest rate of 6.5%.
Kiwi Property Group Limited - 31/08/2016 - Kiwi Property Group Limited, Closed on the 31st of August, a 7 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.%.
Cooperative Bank Note - 20/06/2016 - Cooperative Bank Unsecured Subordinated Notes, Closed on the 26th of July, a 10 year note with 5 years fixed bond at an interest rate of 6%.
Infratil Bond IFT 220 - 20/05/2016 - Closed, Infratil Bond, Closed on the 15th of June, a 5 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.%.
Infratil Bond IFT 230 - 20/05/2016 - Closed, Infratil Bond, Closed on the 15th of June, a 8 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 5.5%.
Wellington International Airport - 6/05/2016 - Closed on the 6th of May, a 7 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.25%.
Chorus Bond - 4/05/2016 - Closed on the 4th of May, a 5 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.12%.
Tegel IPO - 19/04/2016 - Announced an IPO on the 19th of April, at $1.55.

Issues distributed

About Us

Equity Investment advisers Ltd is owned by King Capital & Investment Corporation Ltd(KCIC).
KCIC is a New Zealand registered company and it is owned by parties associated with Brent D King.
Other companies in the group include, Money on Line Ltd (the owner of and Investment Research Group Ltd(IRG).
IRG is a specialist in Company Research and it also undertakes Investment Banking transactions for the KCIC group.
IRG is current an NZX registered sponsor, i.e. It is able to sponsor the listing of companies on NZAX.
Equity was originally set up in 1984 as Equity Research Ltd and has had various name changes.
Equity has assisted clients with their Investment requirements for over 30 years !!

Equity’s motto is "We Inform - You Decide"

Equity Investment advisers is registered on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) as a registered Finance service provider. The registration number is FSP259485.

Our belief an informed invester is as capable of making the decision
Equity Investment Advisers Ltd is a business that offers information and the ability to transact on any New Zealand security an many Australasian securities.

  • NZ listed shares, Bonds
  • Fixed Interest via prospectuses
  • Kiwi saver products
  • Managed funds(including aggressive balanced and income funds)

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