Chinese Seminar

Equity Investment Adviser Chinese Seminar will be held at 10am and 2pm on the 28th May 2016 at Alexandra Park in the Hobson Room, Greenlane, Auckland.

John Chow - Co - Founder of Chow Group Limited
Howard Long - Chairman's Assistant from Australasian Food Corporation (AFC)
Brent King - Director of Investment Research Group, Equity Investment Advisers and MoneyOnline.

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NEW Insurance Australia Group (IAG) Bond Offer
Opens 19/5/2016 - 10/6/2016. Fixed Rate of 5.15%. 6 year bond. BBB
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Equity offers services to Investors which allow them to invest or redeem most investments in New Zealand and many in Australia and on many International Markets.

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Equity can assist in buying or selling stocks and shares on NZX, NZAX, ASX and most major exchanges in the World

Unit Trusts

New Zealand and Australia has a wide range of Unit trusts offering investors significant choice. On request from an investor Equity can provide information and data on most Unit Trusts in New Zealand We can also obtain prospectus’s or application forms on request. Note a charge may or may not apply.

Fixed Interest

Equity has access to a wide range of fixed interest products. These include Debentures, Deposits, Unit Trust etc. Equity can provide alternates for many different terms and interest rates. Some offer tax benefits others are simple bank deposits. Note Interest rates change often and Investors should keep up to date with current rates. Prospectus and Investment Statements are available on request


New Zealand has an active tradable bond market (NZDX). Equity can assist in buying or selling of Bonds that are either listed or we can obtain allocations for clients in new Bondvlistings.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help you with your long-term saving for retirement. It's designed to be hassle-free so it's easy to maintain a regular savings pattern.

Past Offers

Wellington Airport Bond

Wellington International Airport Bond, Closed on the 6th of May, a 7 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.25%.

Chorus Bond

Chorus Bond, Closed on the 4th of May, a 5 year fixed bond at an interest rate of 4.12%.

Tegel IPO

Tegel IPO, Announced an IPO on the 19th of April, at $1.55.

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About Us

Equity Investment advisers Ltd is owned by King Capital & Investment Corporation Ltd(KCIC).
KCIC is a New Zealand registered company and it is owned by parties associated with Brent D King.
Other companies in the group include, Money on Line Ltd (the owner of and Investment Research Group Ltd(IRG).
IRG is a specialist in Company Research and it also undertakes Investment Banking transactions for the KCIC group.
IRG is current an NZX registered sponsor, i.e. It is able to sponsor the listing of companies on NZAX.
Equity was originally set up in 1984 as Equity Research Ltd and has had various name changes.
Equity has assisted clients with their Investment requirements for over 30 years !!

Equity’s motto is "We Inform - You Decide"

Equity Investment advisers is registered on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) as a registered Finance service provider. The registration number is FSP259485.

Our belief an informed invester is as capable of making the decision
Equity Investment Advisers Ltd is a business that offers information and the ability to transact on any New Zealand security an many Australasian securities.

  • NZ listed shares, Bonds
  • Fixed Interest via prospectuses
  • Kiwi saver products
  • Managed funds(including aggressive balanced and income funds)

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IRG , is a sister company to Equity.
It provides Research and Information on public companies.
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